Supply Chain Management

Offered as a Bachelor of Business Administration or as a Bachelor of Technology, Supply Chain Management prepares you for a dynamic position in a rapidly changing global economy.  

With responsibilities ranging from raw material acquisition to finished product distribution, supply chain managers are required to control costs and increase quality while maximizing profits in an interdisciplinary environment. Working across all interdependent functions within an organization, and all external organizations involved in the the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption, supply chain management is the identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources an organization requires, or anticipates they will, in order to meet their strategic goals.  In today's global economy supply chain management functions in concert with finance, manufacturing, marketing, and human resources to establish timely delivery of raw material, semi-finished, and finished product and services that fulfill customers expectations. As a supply chain management professional your impact to a company's profitability and operational success is directly proportional to your responsibility for spending authorization, which in many companies exceeds 50 percent of gross revenue.  In the 21st century, supply chain management will be a proactive and strategic process with business partners and suppliers to increase company and shareholder value. Evolving from a position of basic contract management, the supply chain professional today works strategically side by side with finance in the management of the organization.  As a supply chain management professional, you will expand your duties into planning and policymaking, evaluation, product development, and inventory control. As a supply chain professional, your responsibilities may be varied or of a more narrow focus, and are limited only by the size of the organization. Your responsibilities may range from product design and development to contract development and forecasting.

The skill sets Northeastern State University provides to prepare you for a successful career in supply chain management include:

  • Negotiations
  • Cost/price analysis
  • National and international aspects of purchasing
  • Performance measures
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Electronic commerce
  • Strategic and team planning,
  • Inventory control
  • Transportation management
  • Distribution.


If you choose the BBA track, the business core includes a comprehensive education in finance, marketing, accounting, and economics. The Bachelor of Technology track provides an education in supply chain management from an industry perspective.

While a degree is not a guarantee of employment, demand for supply chain managers is high. Positions include entry level positions and career track progression leading to vice president levels. Supply chain management positions exists in all sectors of the public and private economy, including health care, education, service, retail, manufacturing, military, energy, aerospace, state and local government, finance, transportation, food distribution, and tribal gaming.

Plan of study

2+2 plans for transfer to BBA Supply Chain Mgmt

Transfer from CASC

  Transfer from CSC

  Transfer from EOSC

  Transfer from NEO

  Transfer from TCC


  Dr. Mike Landry

Certification in supply chain management is available through several entities and include:

-  Certified Production Inventory Manager (CPIM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) offered through The Associations for Operations Management.

-   Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) and Certified Profession in Supply Management (CPSM) offered through the Institute for Supply Management.


Websites for Listing of Supply Chain Jobs

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  • Logistics News - This is the premier site for United Kingdom logistics news, including job postings. The "Links Library" links to logistics companies around the world.
  • Dice - Tech Jobs. Tech Talent Use the keyword function to search for terms such as "supply chain", "supply chain manager", "supply chain expert", or "logistics manager".
  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professional - Click "Career Center", then select "Resume NetWork." The council makes resumes provided by its members available to companies and executive search firms.
  • -This site allows users to search a database of more than 400,000 jobs. You can search by company, job type, industry, keyword, and geographic region


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