Language and Cultural Center

The Language and Cultural Center (LCC) is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to the advancement of language learning and cultural understanding at the Northeastern State University. Our mission is to create a state of the art language and culture resource center where everyone can come and start discovering through immersion and interaction with the help of our specialists. 

The LCC offers a broad array of programs, technologies and assessment system to advance language acquisition and cultural learning on campus.

Language and Culture

For the purpose of helping people discovering the beauty of culture around the world, we offer this program that provides intergenerational gathering place where ecological understanding expressed through cultural renewal, environmental restoration, individual participation and integrating community. Alongside with teaching various languages for business and conversation, we also integrate culture introduction to help people immerse themselves in the whole background of culture. Some of them are known as cultural immersion not only for International students but also for American students such as: Americanization, Introduction to Ancient Greek, Latin, Polish or Cherokee Culture & Art. We work to incorporate the four art forms of performing, literary, visual and culinary.

English as a Second Language

We provide intensive English instruction for international students who want to study at the universities in the United States or improve their English language skills to meet personal academic goal. We offer three different levels tailored with students’ skills to have the best outcome. We also offer intense instruction of English to local residents who want to expand the English language acquisition. 

Confucius Classroom

Welcome  欢迎!

The Confucius Classroom at Northeastern State University is a program within the Language and Cultural Center that works jointly with the University of Oklahoma’s Confucius Institute, Hanban, and the People’s Republic of China to offer courses and events that promote Chinese language and culture to students of NSU and the surrounding community.  Through these programs we hope to impart a better understanding of the rich history and deeply rooted language of this intriguing culture. Utilizing language, music, art and cuisine the Confucius Classroom plans to offer exciting workshops, events and unique experiences to all of Northeast Oklahoma. Visit our page frequently for upcoming events.

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