Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership

The Educational Foundations and Leadership department (EFL) at Northeastern State University provides the specialized coursework and oversees the clinical experiences for all undergraduate teacher education programs. Courses in educational psychology, classroom management, and technology as well as the most extensive field-based, clinical program in Oklahoma provide a solid foundation for those preparing to be teachers.

The department also offers the professional core of courses for masters' programs including courses in research and educational psychology. Graduate program options available through EFL are school administration programs for building principals and district superintendents and an advanced teaching degree that can be customized to teachers' content specialties and interests. 

At the undergraduate level, curriculum consists of three parts. Part I is the general education core that is prescribed for all students; Part II consists of the field of specialization/major course work, e.g., art, elementary education, mathematics; and Part III consists of courses in professional education providing both theory and practice in materials, methods and teaching techniques. A minimum of 29 hours of professional education, which includes the 12-hour full internship block, is required for a bachelor’s degree in education.

Graduate programs requirements are specific to the degree and program sought. For more information, please contact the department chair.

Department Chair: Dr. Renee Cambiano
Secretary: Phyllis Sanders

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