Global Studies Minor

global studies minor

The Global Studies minor provides students with an introduction to the fundamental forces at work in globalization. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, Global Studies minors develop the knowledge necessary to understand and appreciate cultural difference, global processes and the geographical relationships between places. In addition, it provides students with an interdisciplinary framework for analyzing contemporary world and cultural problems.

Students can choose any 18 hours from the following courses:

GEOG 2003 Global Studies
GEOG 2133 Global Economic Geography
GEOG 2253 World Regional Geography
GEOG 4133 Cultural Geography
GEOG 4193 Urban Geography
GEOG 4313 World Political Geography
GEOG 4603 Regional Geography Topics (up to 9 credit hours)

POLS 2313 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 2353 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 4133 Southern Politics
POLS 4153 Regional Politics (up to 6 hours)
POLS 4603 Topics in Global Issues (up to 6 hours)

SOC 3213 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 3413 Rural Sociology
SOC 4423 Urban Sociology
SOC 4163 Magical Worldview

Students can also use up to 6 hours of Liberal Arts courses taken while studying abroad. In order for the Study Abroad hours to count students must submit a five-page reflective paper and give a short (15-20 minute) presentation in one of the Global Studies electives courses. 

Dr. Daniel M. Savage, Chair
Department of Geography and Political Science
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