Degree Overview

A major in geography requires 36 hours of course work. It is recommended that students take GEOG 2243, Fundamentals of Geography, prior to attempting other geography courses. At least 18 hours of advanced (3000 or 4000 level) courses are required in the geography major. At least 18 hours of this major must be earned at NSU. A grade of ā€œCā€ or better is required of all courses in the major.

Required Course

GEOG 2243 Fundamentals of Geography

Human Topical Geography (select 3 hours)

GEOG 2133 Global Economic Geography
GEOG 4133 Human Geography: Cultures, Places, & Spaces
GEOG 4193 Sustainability & Urban Communities
GEOG 4303 Historical Geography of the U.S.
GEOG 4313 Space, Power, & Politics
GEOG 4623 Sustainability & Resiliency

Physical Geography (select 3 hours)

GEOG 3033 Environmental Geography
GEOG 3343 Extreme Weather
GEOG 3553 Physical Geography
GEOG 4343 Biodiversity & Environmental Change
GEOG 4273 Natural Hazards
GEOG 4743 Climate Change

Regional Geography (select 3 hours)

GEOG 2253 World Regional Geography
GEOG 4603 Regional Geography Topics

Techniques in Geography (select 6 hours)

GEOG 3513 Map & Image Analysis
GEOG 3813 Geographic Information Systems
*GEOG 4833 Advanced GIS

Elective Geography (select 18 hours)

Choose from courses not utilized above and from the following:

GEOG 2003 Global Studies
GEOG 4000 Workshop in Geography
*GEOG 4053 Cartography (Prereq/co-req GEOG 3813)
*GEOG 4501 Special Problems in Geography
*GEOG 4803 Intro to Geospatial Technology
                      (Prereq GEOG 3813)
*GEOG 4853 GIS Automation & Scripting
                      (Prereq GEOG 3813)
*GEOG 4873 GIS Applications (Prereq GEOG 3813)
*GEOG 4990 Geography Internship
*Statistics (BADM 3933, MATH 3513, PSYC 3553, or SOC 3323)
SOC 4423 Urban Sociology

*Courses with prerequisites



For more information:

Dr. Christine Hallman
Geography program coordinator
(918) 444-3528

Updated Feb 2016