Bachelor of Business Administration- Majors

The College of Business and Technology offers eight different Bachelor of Business Administration majors, many with multiple options, to provide you with a wide choice of career opportunities. 


Public Accounting - provides services to businesses, including accounting, tax, auditing, business valuation, and consulting services. May include responsibility for financial reporting, implementation of internal controls, and compliance with applicable laws.

Managerial Accounting - Work within a business to provide information necessary for decision making. Focus is on internal operations and analysis of results.

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Business Administration

Provides a major for students who are undecided on which area of business to focus or who want the flexibility to customize their studies to include more than one area.

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Financial Management - Financial managers may be employed in business operations, bank management, investments, insurance or real estate. They support decision making is asset management, sources of capital, budgeting for operations and expansion, and investment analysis and valuation.

Financial Planning - Financial planners serve as advisors to individuals and businesses by providing assistance in the areas of investments, estate planning, insurance, and retirement planning. Assist in wealth creation and retention.

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Health Organizations Administration

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Hospitality & Tourism Management

A focus on the fastest growing segment of American business – hospitality. Students in the program can choose from three concentrations; meeting planning, destination development, and gaming management.

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Information Systems

This major is designed to provide business professionals with the skills necessary to understand and to use computer systems effectively and efficiently. Course topics include website design, database management, and computer programming. A major focus is in designing systems to provide managers with the information they need.

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Entrepreneurship - For the person who wants to start his or her own business. Students will be challenged to start a small business, act as a consultant, and even compete in a “Student Entrepreneur of the Year” competition.

General - Students learn essential quantitative and qualitative management tools that can be applied in a wide variety of industries and competitive situations.

Human Resource Management – Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to recruit and develop the workforce needed by an organization.

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The process of identifying customers needs and developing strategies to meet those needs and maintain a long term relationship with customers. Specific careers include sales and customer relationship management, retail management, buyer, or marketing research.

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Supply Chain Management

The interrelated series of actions (procurement, materials management, production, logistics, sales, and customer service) that form the core of most business operations. Graduates may be responsible for managing a specific function such as a warehouse, a part of a manufacturing facility, or a transportation depot. 

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