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College of Business & Technology

700 N. Grand Ave
Tahlequah, OK  74464
Phone: 918-444-2900


Department of Accounting and Finance

Chair: Dr. Julia Kwok
Phone: 918-444-2989 / 6525 (BA)
Secretary: Ms. Jana Seawright
Phone: 918-444-2960
Office: BT 120

Department of Business Administration

Chair: Dr. Dilene Crockett
Phone: 918-444-2940 / 918-449-6548 (BA)
Secretary: Ms. Robin Hunter
Phone: 918-444-2960
Office: BT 300

Department of Marketing, Hospitality, and Supply Chain Management

Chair: Dr. Jitendra Tewari
Phone: 918-444-2928
Secretary: Mrs. Robin Hunter
Phone: 918-444-3806
Office: BT 210

Department of Information Systems and Technology

Chair: Dr. Mike Turner
Phone: 918-444-2970
Secretary: Ms. Becky Gladd
Phone: 918-444-2933
Office: BT B3