Master of Arts in Communication



The Master of Arts in Communication program is designed to provide an interdisciplinary approach to communication that will develop a more complete communicator. The program offers an opportunity for personnel directors, business executives, educators, journalists, advertising personnel, and public relations directors to enhance their written, oral, and mass communication knowledge and skills.

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Admission to the NSU Masters of Communication program requires:

1. An earned bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

2. An approved Application for Graduate Admission.

3. An official transcript of all previous course work. The transcripts must be sent directly from the schools to the Graduate College.

4. A grade point average of 3.0 in all undergraduate course work or a score in at least the 35th percentile on either the Graduate Record Examination or the Miller Analogies Test.

5. A 500-word essay describing what the student hopes to achieve by admission to the program.

No 1000-level (freshman level) or remedial course work may apply toward fulfillment of entry requirements for the Master of Arts in Communication degree.

Curriculum Structure

The Master of Arts in Communication degree consists of thirty-six (36) hours of graduate study with specialization in two areas: Communication Studies and Mass Communication. All candidates for the degree are required to take the course titled Research Methods in Communication (MC5103/COMM 5103). The remaining thirty-three (33) hours are fairly evenly distributed among the two academic areas with the exact distribution left to the discretion of the adviser with approval of the Dean of the Graduate College. No more than two (2) one- hour courses in an academic area are counted toward fulfilling requirements of the degree. No more than three hours of internship will count toward fulfilling requirements of the degree.

A maximum of nine (9) hours may be completed from the adviser-approved courses offered at the 4000 level.

  1. Course required of all candidates: 3 hours
    • M C 5103 - Research Methods
    • COMM 5103 - Research Methods
  2. Course options in the areas of specialization
    • Communication Studies: 9 hours
    • Mass Communication: 9 hours
  3. Electives: 15 hours
    • Non-thesis option
      • Fifteen (15) hours of adviser-approved course work typically from within Communication Studies or Mass Communication.
    • Thesis option
      • Nine (9) hours of adviser-approved course work typically from within Communication Studies or Mass Communication AND at least six (6) thesis hours.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

To receive full consideration a candidate must:

  1. Complete the Graduate Admission Application
  2. Complete the Teaching Assistantship Application

Degree available at

  • Tahlequah

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