Communication Studies Minor Degree Options


Minor Degree Options

A Minor in Communication Studies
Students can choose between two options:

Option One: Communication Studies Minor

A student may earn a minor by completing 18 hours in Communication Studies (not including your general education requirements).


Option Two: Leadership Communication Minor
COMM 4223 - Leadership Communication 3 hours
COMM 4443 - Organizational Communication 3 hours
COMM 2543 - Intercultural Communication 3 hours
COMM 3303 - Group Dynamics 3 hours

Electives (choose two of the following) 6 hours
COMM 3223 - Business and Professional Comm
COMM 2313 - Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3103 - Argumentation
COMM 3453 - Conflict Management
COMM 4243 - Leadership Internship
COMM 2223 - Intercollegiate Forensics
Total 18 hours

A Minor in Professional Media Communication

The Professional Media Communication minor consists of 12 required hours and 6 elective hours of Communication and Media Studies courses. It is designed to augment skills needed by students seeking post-graduation employment in careers that will have a significant number of applied communication duties.

Required Courses- 12 hours
COMM 3803 Interviewing
COMM 4223 Leadership Communication
M S 3513 Media Management and Planning
M S 4533 Crisis Communication

Communication Electives- 3 hours
COMM 2543 Intercultural Communication
COMM 3223 Business and Professional Communication
COMM 3403 Persuasion
COMM 3453 Conflict Management

Media Studies Elective- 3 hours
M S 3013 - Digital Photography
M S 3033 - Basic Advertising
M S 3133 - Basic Public Relations
M S 3233 - Publication/Editing
Total Hours: 18