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OCTOBER 29-30, 2020




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Keynote Speaker


Dr. Ruth Jackson


Our conference keynote speaker will be Dr. Ruth Jackson, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Langston University. Dr. Jackson's research topics include zero tolerance policies in schools, and multicultural issues in public education. Prior to transitioning into higher education, Dr. Jackson's professional experience included teaching at the middle and high school levels and serving as assistant principal in two schools. Following this, she was appointed as a high school principal, becoming the youngest person, second woman, and first African American to serve in that position.




  • $25 for Thursday Evening Keynote
  • $45 for Friday Breakout Sessions
  • $60 for both Thursday Evening Keynote and Friday Breakout Sessions

Special Student Rate:

  • $25 for both Thursday Evening Keynote and Friday Breakout Sessions




  • Keynote Speaker:
    Dr. Ruth Jackson
    Thursday, October 29
    5:45 pm
  • Breakout Sessions
    Friday, October 30
    9:00 am-
    2:00 pm
  • OEQA will provide
    breakout sessions on
    Friday for PPAT and
    the new state program
    approval process
  • All sessions will be



Q & A

Do you accept purchase orders for the registration?

The way it works is that when you make the purchase you choose invoice me. We send an invoice and you can send a PO and then the payment later.

Do you refund 100% if the conference is cancelled?

Yes. You also get a 100% refund if you cancel BEFORE the conference. If you are simply a no show, there is not a refund.

Do you allow substitutions if the registered person becomes unable to attend?

Yes. Even if it is a last minute substitution, we will accept it. Please do notify us in advance though.

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Call for Proposals

Oklahoma Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (OACTE)
Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA)
Fall Conference OACTE Presentations - Friday, October 30, 2020
Fall Conference OEQA Presentations - Friday, October 30, 2020

OACTE/OEQA Conference theme:

Beyond Embracing Diversity and Equity for the 21st Century Learner: Supporting Historically Marginalized Populations in Schools and Educator Preparation

Conference strands include the following:

Strand 1 Establishing a Sustainable and Diverse Profession:

How do we recruit and train our candidates in such a way as to establish a sustainable and diverse community of professional educators who become the catalysts for transformation in our schools and culture?

In what ways do we create awareness in candidates and faculty in the crucial areas of implicit biases which can lead to microaggressions and sustaining systems of injustice?

Strand 2 Promoting Equity and Social Justice in Education:

How can we infuse strategies for equity and inclusivity into the preparation of candidates in order for them to become educators who are skilled at working effectively with historically marginalized student populations with the goal of providing equitable access to quality education for all students?

How are Education preparation programs preparing candidates for online/virtual instruction, including how to address inequities in their students access to adequate virtual resources?

In what ways can technology foster more inclusive and learner-centric environments?

Strand 3 Partnerships and Collaboration:

How can education stakeholders (P-12 partners, university partners, state agencies, legislators, and other community entities) work together to obstruct injustice and challenge majoritarian narratives and practices? In what ways are educator preparation programs leveraging partnerships to ensure access to diverse experiences and communities?

Proposals will be reviewed by the program committee using the following criteria:

Quality of Topic: Is the topic of importance, relevance, value, and/or interest to the target audience?

Proposed Topic Coverage: Does the proposal adequately cover content clearly related to the conference theme?

Clarity of Proposal: Does the proposal abstract provide an explicit statement of participant outcomes and how they will be achieved?

Speaker Knowledge: Does the proposed speaker appear to have sufficient knowledge and expertise to address this topic?

Speaker Presentation Strategy and Style: Does the proposer include specific strategies by which to engage attendees in the session content?

Overall Rating: What is your overall evaluation of this proposal?

In addition to the normal formal and panel presentations, we would encourage proposals for fireside chats (wherein presenter/s share their information in a casual manner which invites questions from the attendee's throughout) and roundtable discussions (the facilitation of equal discourse among a smaller group of participants). Breakout sessions will normally be 40 minutes in length, and depending on the number of proposals approved for presentation, some presenters may be asked to join others in a combined session that will require limiting the time of presentation to about 20 minutes.Paid conference registration is required to obtain final approval for presentations.

To be considered the Proposal Form should be filled out and submitted via the following Google Link (https://forms.gle/iDq3kuvuKy6djmCV7 ) no later than Monday, September 21, at 5:00 p.m. Conference organizers will notify those submitting proposals on the status of the proposal no later than September 28.