English Language Learner: Methods & Materials Course

Methods & Materials was written to help teachers understand concepts and terms related to educating students whose first language is not English. This course discusses how to apply instructional methods in creating lessons; how to create a motivating and caring learning environment; how to integrate teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; how to differentiate instruction for English language learners; and how to identify culturally appropriate curriculum and instructional resources.

This computer-based instruction course is a self-supporting program that provides instruction, structured practice, and evaluation all on your home or school computer. Technical support information can be found in the Help section of your course.

  • Dates: Open enrollment
  • Duration: Must complete within 6 months; 4.5 CEUs
  • Time: 45 hours
  • Location: Online
  • Course Fee: $300.00 USD
  • Code: 02-PRO-EDU-ON

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