Broken Arrow R.A.C.E. Summer Youth Academies

NSU Continuing Education, College of Education, and RACE Youth Summer Academies are monitoring all situations with COVID-19. At this point we will offer all camps face to face and online on both the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow Campus as long as the CDC guidelines do not amend.

Summer Youth Academies are held through the Continuing Education Department on the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow campuses and will begin in June with programs available for children ages four and older.

A variety of academies are available including Jurassic Academy, MineCraft, Power of Nature, Photography, Scooby Doo, Treasure Hunters Academy, the Avengers Academy, Video Game Design, Robotics and much more! 

All precautions will be taken following CDC guidelines and NSU mama guidelines; many of our teachers are parents and have added additional guidelines for us to follow. Your child's safety is of most importance to us.
1. Temperatures will be taken 3 times a day (students & staff)
2. No adults in the building except teachers and staff.
3. Drop off and pick up car lines.
4. Masks provided.
5. Disinfection three times a day.
6. Students never travel to another building.
7. Guidelines in place for anyone ill.
All guidelines in detail will be provided before camp dates. Please be sure to include your email on your waiver so that we may contact you and keep you updated with this information. We are not responsible for any illnesses etc.
Additionally, join our Facebook group 2020 Summer Youth Academy for all the up to the minute information.

Barbara Fuller
Director, RACE
Executive Director, NSU Summer Youth Academies

Camp Details

Where: NSU Broken Arrow.
Campus Maps | Drop Off Locations

NSU Broken Arrow: Meet in the Education Building, room 106 which is on the left directly inside the main doors.

Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up Cost: $25.00 USD per week

When: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Ages: 4 - 9 + years

Camp Cost: $125.00 USD per week

Each child brings their own lunch and snacks.

Includes: All materials. Does NOT include snacks and lunch. If more than one camp is selected, only one T-shirt per student will be provided unless requested.

Please fill out this form for the Summer Youth Academies

Refund Policy: Requires a two week notice in order to receive a refund on your camp fee.

June 8 - 12, 2020 BA R.A.C.E Academies

Jurassic Academy

4- 5 year olds

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are very much alive in Jurassic Academy. We will learn about a variety of Dinosaurs and their habitats, rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Jurassic Academy Face to Face Registration

Jurassic Academy Online Registration


6 - 8 year olds

Experience adventure with your virtual friends in a series of tasks developed especially for you.

MineCraft Face to Face Registration

MineCraft Online Registration

Power of Nature

6- 8 year olds

Explore the power of nature through science experiments, natural disasters, and the impact of global warming.

Power of Nature Face to Face Registration

Power of Nature Online Registration

The Art of Photography

9+ year olds

learn lighting, composure, and technique from a master photographer. "If a student can't bring a SLR, please let us know so that we may help find one.

The Art of Photography Face to Face Registration

The Art of Photography Online Registration

June 15 - 19, 2020 BA R.A.C.E. Academies

Scooby Doo

4- 5 year olds

Join Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Freddy, Daphne and Velma to fish for clues and solve mysteries.

Scooby Doo Face to Face Registration

Scooby Doo Online Registration

Treasure Hunters Academy

6 - 8 year olds

Ahoy mateys! Students will solve the mystery of the hidden treasures through pirate - themed fun and adventure.

Treasure Hunters Face to Face Registration

Treasure Hunters Online Registration


9 + year olds

Experience adventure with your virtual friends in a series of tasks developed especially for you.

MineCraft Face to Face Registration

MineCraft Online Registration

Avengers Academy

9+ year olds

Calling all superheroes! You are invited to a week full of strength, power, and intelligence.  Test your superhero knowledge.  Design and create your own superhero costumes and write your own hero comics.

Avengers Academy Face to Face Registration

Avengers Academy Online Registration

June 22 - 26, 2020 BA R.A.C.E. ACADEMIES

 A Bug's Life

Ages: 4-5 years

 We will squirm and wiggle our way through fun - filled indoor and outdoor activities, learn about insects and their habitats, and see how bugs are important in our lives. Students ar sure to leave with a brand new "web" of friends!

A Bug's Life Face to Face Registration

A Bug's Life Online Registration


Advanced Minecraft

Ages: 7 + year olds

Experience adventure with your virtual friends in a series of tasks developed especially for you. Go beyond the game and create your own MineCraft advanced gaming skills.


Advanced MineCraft Face to Face Registration

Advanced MineCraft Online Registration


Robotics Summer Olympics

Ages: 9 + year olds

A mash-up of competitive coding, robotics, and summer Olympics. Who's robot will take the gold?

Robotics Summer Olympics Face to Face Registration

Robotics Summer Olympics Online Registration

Art Academy

Express yourself through fun and creative art projects! Students will produce their own artistic works with various mediums, techniques, and technology.

Art Academy Registration Face to Face Registration

Art Academy Registration Online Registration


June 29 - July 3, 2020 BA R.A.C.E. ACADEMIES

All About the 5 Senses

4- 5 year olds

Explore all of our senses through a variety of songs, science, crafts, and fun.

All about the 5 Senses Face to Face Registration

All about the 5 Senses Online Registration

Video Game Design  

8+ year olds

Bring to your imagination, and build a video game. Learn the ropes of building a video game, to play on your computer, or on the go with your phone.

Video Game Design Face to Face Registration

Video Game Design Online Registration

Anatomy Fun

6- 8 year olds

Explore the human body through science, crafts, and experiments.

Anatomy Fun Face to Face Registration

Anatomy Fun Online Registration

Mission Impossible

9+ year olds

Campers will complete various missions every day. All missions are aimed at teaching campers critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork in a fun way. Campers will be working together towards a common goal.

Mission Impossible Face to Face Registration

Mission Impossible Online Registration

Drop Off Location

NSU Tahlequah: Meet on the back side of Bagley Hall. Come in on Seminary Drive and look for a banner for parking. Go through the double doors and sign in.

NSU Broken Arrow: Meet in the Education Building, room 106 which is on the left directly inside the main doors. (**NO DROP OFF for "Get Green for Blue.")

Optional Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up

The cost for this is $25.00 per week. The language in the consent form states children should be 20 minutes early for drop off and can be up to 10 minutes late for pick up. Anything outside of those times needs to register for early drop off/late pick up and is charged the fee. The morning times are 7:30-8:30 a.m. and the evening times are 4-5 p.m. When you register for the youth academy, you will also see the option in a separate order to order early/late drop off.

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