NSU Drama Facilities


The NSU Playhouse is the home of the NSU Drama program, the Sequoyah Institute, and the River City Players. The Playhouse includes a performance space, theatre production shops, academic classroom, computer lab, box office, and faculty/staff offices.

Theatre Lobby: The Playhouse lobby is where the box office for NSU Drama, The Sequoyah Institute, and The River City Players can be found. The newly renovated space is equipped with a lounge area for students to utilize outside of classes and for patrons to utilize during attendance of performances.

Computer lab: The Drama Computer Lab is equipped with iMac computers designated for use by NSU Drama students in and out of the classroom. Drama courses including Design for the Theatre, Playwriting, Screenwriting, and Digital Video Production also use the lab as a classroom space.

Greenroom: The Playhouse Greenroom doubles as a dressing and makeup room during production runs and as a drama student lounge area during non-production periods. The Greenroom is equipped with 5 private dressing rooms and 4 community makeup stations as well as laundry appliances and a kitchenette.

Theatre: The Playhouse Theatre space is an intimate performance venue that can be adapted to mirror a traditional proscenium or a black-box space. The venue seats 176 and houses a flexible 30 x 48 stage area.

Shop: The Playhouse Shop is a fully equipped scene shop with an attached lighting and sound storage space and a props loft. The shop space has a street-level loading dock area and dedicated building entrances.

Classroom: The Playhouse Classroom is a flexible space used by the NSU Drama program for traditional classes, seating up to 30 students. The room is equipped with mirrors for movement coursework and technology which allows the space to be used as an exploratory lighting and sound lab for Drama students.