College of Education Accreditation

Our Continuous Improvement Journey

In April 2010, the unit's leadership team determined that NCATE's continuous improvement process was consistent with advancements we wished to make to strengthen our unit and programs, but had postponed due to our impending re-accreditation visit. Therefore, we decided to pilot the continuous improvement process for re-accreditation and embark on a pathway focused on preparing highly effective educators who make a difference in the lives of the children, families, and communities they touch.

Acknowledging that field placements are of primary importance in preparing educators, we chose to focus on Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice for continuous improvement. It is no small task, for NSU places over 500 initial and nearly 100 advanced candidates every semester. But, identifying the characteristics of highly effective educators, adjusting placement practices, and revising curriculum to ensure a consistent message are critical to our ability to prepare teaching scholars, educational leaders, and developers of human potential who make a difference in the schools and classrooms they serve.

More about our continuous improvement efforts can be found throughout the exhibits, and we know that such a comprehensive project benefits from the contributions of our K-12 partners, candidates, faculty, and peers. Thank you for your role on the accreditation team and for helping us progress in our efforts to prepare highly effective teachers.

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