Master of Education in Instructional Leadership

Do you want to make an impact in your community? Do you want to be the person to make a difference in your community? In the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership (MEdIL), you will be prepared to make an impact, to be that person who changes lives in their community while leaving a legacy for many generations to come. Our program completers are reflective instructional leaders who are culturally sensitive, grounded in the application of theory and research-based practice, cognizant of the ethical and societal dimensions of leadership, and life-long learners who change a grow to the changing needs of their stakeholders. In this 36-hour 100% online student-centric program, you are the mentored by scholars who model best practice and prepared for many career options (pK-12 Educator (Traditional); 6-12 Educator (Alternative Certification); Textbook Company; Transition degree to terminal degree to teach in a college of education (Teacher Prep); Private Education; Curriculum Specialist; Professional Development Specialist). Take the leap, join our program today!

Program Goal

The goal of the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership program is to create accomplished teachers who are reflective about their practice and who critically analyze what constitutes effective teaching and valuable learning. Teachers will expand their instructional repertoires and master an expanding body of pedagogical knowledge while becoming deeply cognizant of the ethical and societal dimensions of education. Teachers will understand that they are part of a global village which embraces diversity. Teachers will draw on this knowledge to make principled judgments about their students and their instruction. Teachers will use and understand research and the role it plays in academic decisions and pedagogical practices. These teachers will also collaboratively engage students, parents, colleagues, and communities in educative pursuits which foster partnerships and life-long learning.

Program Objectives

In their teaching practice, degree candidates will:

  1. Construct and utilize an educational philosophy which values reflection about practice and guides their instructional and professional decisions.
  2. Integrate appropriate instructional strategies with subject-specific curriculum to facilitate disciplinary knowledge.
  3. Use multiple methods to monitor student engagement and evaluate student learning; utilize student responses to modify and improve instruction and to provide constructive and timely feedback.
  4. Understand and utilize strategies that demonstrate cultural competency, promote tolerance, and develop civic virtues.
  5. Make knowledge accessible to all students through the use of research-based strategies which recognize the individual abilities and intelligences of all learners.
  6. Understand and demonstrate the value of research in education.

Program Options

  • Classroom Teaching
  • National Board
  • Online Teaching
  • Professional Enhancement
  • Visual Impairment

Program Information

Learning with Style, YouTube Video

Degree Available at

  • Tahlequah
  • Broken Arrow
  • Online


Dr. Renee Cambiano


Program Chair
Instructional Leadership, M.Ed.
Tahlequah Campus
Educational Leadership
Bagley 124
(918) 444-3741


Dr. Judy Moody 

Dr. Judy MOODY

BA Campus
Educational Leadership
BAED 165
Assistant Professor
(918) 449-6576