Israel Study Abroad Opportunity

Criminal Justice in Israel Trip

Join Northeastern State University in Israel to explore their Criminal Justice tactics, including Global Security and Homeland Security, to see how Israel keeps their country safe from Terrorism. 

This study abroad opportunity is in cooperation with the Department of Criminology, Justice Studies, and Global Security, the College of Liberal Arts, Office of International Programs, The Institute of Global Security and Comparative Justice, and College of Extended Learning 

By attending this training course, we will obtain an inside look at the way Israel’s ports, airports, shopping
malls, government buildings, critical infrastructure, schools and stadiums are protected. We will be meeting
some of the people that are responsible for keeping Israel safe. We will also be learning about Suicide Terror,
about VBIEDs, about protecting VIP’s and other high profile targets. The aim of this program is to take away
ideas on how to harden targets in our own areas by observing Israeli techniques and translating them to fit our
own vulnerabilities, thus better protecting our country from these violent actions. Because the face of
terrorism changes more easily than conventional forces, we must always be learning. This is the only way to
stay ahead of the threat.

Israel is a very small, young country that has accomplished a tremendous amount in a very short time against a
background of either full-scale war or protracted low-intensity conflicts throughout most of its existence. Over
the last two years, they have managed to stop nearly 95% of the terrorist attacks against them. Through a total
of 60 study hours, our students will benefit from their knowledge, and will apply it in areas like Public Safety,
School Safety, Port and Airport Security, Aviation Security, Critical Infrastructure and Government Building
Security and Dignitary Protection.

This trip will be taken with Security Solutions International (SSI)

Trip schedule and details may change pending CDC, Security Solutions International,  and Israel government response to COVID and associated health care concerns. Travelers accept all responsibility for personal health and safety for the duration of the trip.  The purchase of trip and health insurance is mandatory for each traveler.    



Trip Details


Date: May 13 - May 21, 2022

Cost: $3100 (Not Including Airfare or Course Credit)

This $3100 price is discounted for NSU from $3400. Please consult with us before purchasing airfare. 

Payment Deadline: March 14 (60 days before departure)

Deposits Due: February 2022

Hotel: Hotel Gilgal

Trip Itinerary: Itinerary

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ's

Subject to Change Pending Travel Bans and CDC Regulations 

You can obtain 3 hours of undergraduate course credit* and/or a Non-Credit Certificate in the training obtained.

* 3-hour Credit Course Cost is not included in the $3100. The Cost of the 3-hour course is $711 plus fees.

Financial Aid May Apply. Please contact  Financial Aid for more information. 


For More Information Please Contact:

Dr. Hasselman - (918) 449-6545

Dr. Chavez - (918) 449-6527