Geography & Sustainability Studies


The study of geography focuses on the location of things in both the physical and human environments. The discipline seeks to understand the characteristics of places, the processes that produced those characteristics, and the interactions among places. Geography concentrates on the questions: "Where are things?" and "Why are those things where they are?" Geographers take this spatial perspective and combine it with knowledge from both the natural and social sciences. Location (spatial) analysis requires map interpretation skills, the ability to collect, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information from a variety of sources and disciplines, and the capability to detect and explain spatial patterns and processes.

The geography major is a well-rounded, flexible, liberal arts degree and is good preparation for graduate work in geography or related disciplines. Students may select courses within the geography major to design a more applied program focusing on geographic techniques (such as Geographic Information Systems) and career-oriented courses; such an applied focus prepares students for careers in both the public and private sector of the economy. The department also offers a minor in geography.

For more information about the Geography program contact:

Dr. Christine Hallman
Geography program coordinator
Phone: 918-444-3528 or 918-444-3500


Recent Student Awards

Janie Goddard: Outstanding Service in Geography (2018)