Graduate Appeal

Graduate students may petition a grade change, or appeal decisions based upon graduate policies outlined in the Graduate Catalog, as follows.

Grade Appeal

A student may petition a grade change by using the Grade Appeals Process if satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved after consultation with the instructor and/or academic college Dean. If satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved after consultation with the instructor and/or Dean, then the grade appeals process must be formally initiated with a written appeal to the Graduate Dean within four months following awarding of the original grade. The grade appeal process is available at the Graduate College office. 

The Graduate Grade Appeals Committee is comprised of faculty members who hold a Regular Graduate faculty appointment and have expressed an interest in serving on the Graduate Grade Appeals Committee. This committee is an ad hoc committee of the Graduate College which is charged with conducting a review when a grade appeal is filed by a student for one of the following reasons: 

  1. Allegations that the instructor’s policy in assigning final grades is not applied consistently to all students within a class and section; 
  2. Allegations that the method of assigning grades differs from the method described in the instructor’s course syllabus or in the material made available by the instructor to the students; or
  3. Allegations that the instructor’s policy on assignment of grades was not made known to students.

Graduate Policy Appeal

Student requests for a waiver of a Graduate College policy, or an appeal from a decision based upon Graduate College policy, must be submitted in writing to the Dean of the Graduate College. Waiver and appellate requests will be considered by the Graduate Council. A simple majority vote rules. The student may personally appear before the Council to further present their case and answer questions.

Download the Petition for Graduate Student Appeal Form (pdf).