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Tyke Bunch

Tyke Bunch

Graduation: May 2021

Current Position: Teacher and Coach at Rocky Mountain School

Rocky Mountain School selected Mr. Bunch as the 2022 Teacher of the Year! This is Mr. Bunch's first year as a teacher/coach. Rocky Mountain is "pleased that he joined our team of excellent staff members who work to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. [...] Congratulations Coach Bunch!"

Timber Hardbarger

Timber Hardbarger

Graduation: December 2021

Current Position: Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Baylor University

Experience at NSU: My NSU education was very beneficial and helped open up opportunities for me to excel in graduate school. The education that I received at NSU established a foundation that I am now able to build upon in graduate school. In addition, my most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU was the President’s Leadership Class annual Christmas party. Every year, President Turner and his wife Penny would plan and organize a Christmas party for us and it was always such a fun and exciting time getting to be all together and reflect on our year and the memories we had made.



Brandon Cuddy

Brandon Cuddy

Graduation: May 2020

Current Position: OU Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Experience at NSU: My NSU education has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream as a physical therapist. I am very thankful for the time and effort that the instructors (Dr. Kim, Dr.
Ozturk, and Dr. Chen) have given me the education.

Ryan Schwab

ryan schwab

Graduation: May 2020

Current Position: OU Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Experience at NSU:My experience at NSU in the HHP program was valuable, and I would attest to the level of education I received. I feel fully prepared to transition into a doctorate level program, and I am confident in not only my skills, but also the education I have to succeed. The professors that I had not only taught well but cared for the success of the students, and they want to see every student achieve what they set out to accomplish. NSU feels like a tight-knit school, and the best memory that I have to reflect this was roughly a year after meeting President Turner. He saw me in passing, greeted me by name, and asked me how school and the Army were treating me after only talking to me once. This proved to me that the staff at NSU truly cares about the students, and they are invested in our success.

Jonathan Herrick

jonathon herrick

Graduation: May 2019

Current Position: Masters in Athletic Training at OSU/Tulsa

Experience at NSU: I had an amazing time at NSU. The HHP classes were fun and easy to engage yourself into. There were some hard classes, but they were all manageable as long as you apply yourself and go to class every day.

Kennedy Garcia

kennedy garcia

Graduation: May 2019

Current Position: OU OKC Physician Assistant Program

Experience at NSU: My NSU education has prepared and challenged me to become the best student possible. The faculty and staff genuinely cared about my education, and they made sure I was given the tools to be successful. Because of the education I received in my undergrad at NSU, I was determined to pursue the Physician Assistant Program there as well. I knew that the quality of education I received during my undergrad would definitely continue into their graduate programs, and that is exactly what I want as I continue my education.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU was making the relationships with my now lifelong friends that I met through the health and kinesiology department. I came to NSU as a Junior, and I was unsure if I would be able to make those friendships that people make their Freshman year. I met a group of girls who became some of my best friends, and they made a difference in my time at NSU.

Tyler Willson

tyler willson

Graduation: May 2019

Current Position: OU Occupational Therapy Master Program

Experience at NSU: My NSU education experience benefited me greatly and gave me the motivation and self-confidence to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy. My most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU is probably my time spent volunteering for the Rookie Bridge Program. I had a lot of fun putting on the camp and got the opportunity to meet so many people.

Alex Butcher

alex butcher

Graduation: May 2018

Current Position: NSU College of Optometry

Experience at NSU: My NSU education was one of the best experiences of my life. I had so much fun and I feel like I was well prepared going into graduate school. I loved that professors were so open with their office hours. I had a real connection and knew each one of them. It's so amazing to be able to build that friendship so that way if there was ever a question I felt comfortable asking. Also, my most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU is going to the library to study and doing way more socializing than studying! I know that sounds funny but it was some of the best times. As well as late night runs to IHOP or Hurts Donut.

Casady Mills

casady mills

Graduation: May 2018

Current Position: OU Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Experience at NSU: My education experience at NSU was both challenging and rewarding. Each course allowed me the opportunity to think for myself and apply what I have learned to real-life situations. The curriculum at NSU better prepared me for my doctorate degree.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU is: Getting the opportunity to participate in an undergraduate research project with Dr. Kim and a fellow classmate and presenting our project at Undergraduate Research Day. I also enjoyed going to Merchant Mall at the beginning of each year and getting all of the free stuff! If it's free take 2!!

Caleb Nichols

caleb nichols

Graduation: May 2018

Current Position: City of Tahlequah's Recreation Coordinator for Parks & Recreation

Experience at NSU: My NSU education challenged me to develop and push myself to learn more than I thought I could. The professors here helped me to understand concepts when I struggled with something new, and were always available to talk one on one if I needed it. Office hours really help! Not only do professors help you with class, they want to see you succeed after you're out of their class and after you graduate. My NSU education experience was truly great. It taught me how to be independent and successful. I learned that success looks different for everyone and I found what that looked like for myself.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU is to work for the Intramural Sports Program. There was a day that we were scheduled to play flag football up at the fields, but it was raining. Not all the teams wanted to play in the rain, but there were still a few teams that showed up to play. Most of the actual games for the day were forfeited, but the teams that did show still wanted to get out there and play. So we all played in a big scrimmage together with us as the Referees playing with all of the other guys from the teams that showed up. We picked out new teams and played for over an hour in the mud and rain. I'll never forget that day, it was a blast!

Dakota Petree

dakota petree

Graduation: May 2018

Current Position: Physical Science Teacher & Coach at Sallisaw High School

Experience at NSU: My NSU education experience is something that I hold very valuable. There were a lot of connections and friendships I made with professors and other students that I still have today. I wouldn't trade my experience at NSU with anywhere else. In addition, my favorite memory at NSU would be going to visit Park View school of the blind in Muskogee. Getting to talk to their teachers and the students was an amazing experience.

Janilee Emerson

janilee emerson

Graduation: December of 2018

Current Position: Master of Occupational Therapy at NSU in Muskogee

Experience at NSU: My NSU education has provided me an opportunity to continue my education so I am one day able to work in my dream career. My favorite professors are Dr. Kim, Dr. Ozturk, Dr. Loy, and Dr. Dobbs. My most vivid memory of my time at NSU was during the black out bingo event. I always enjoyed the events the university put on for the students. Another great memory was the late-night breakfast the university put on each semester before finals week.

Aston Beauvais

aston beauvais

Graduation: May 2017

Current Position: OU Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Experience at NSU: My NSU education was priceless. I truly dedicate my success in this program to the preparation I had at NSU, both from coursework and faculty alike. It gave me a great educational foundation to continue to build off of and grow as a future clinician.

My most vivid/best memory of my time at NSU is being a part of the President's Leadership Class scholarship program. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for that experience.

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