Health and Physical Education Internship


Health and Physical Education (HPE) majors complete three internships required of all education majors.

EDUC 3313, Clinical Teaching/Pre-Internship I

HPE majors complete an elementary placement.

EDUC 4032 - Pre-Internship II

HPE Majors complete a secondary placement.

To be taken concurrently with:

  • EDUC 4353 Secondary Teaching Methods
  • PED 4452 Curriculum Development

Full Internship

  • EDUC 4054, Elementary Internship Teaching
  • EDUC 4074, Secondary Internship Teaching
  • EDUC 4172, Assessment and Evaluation
  • EDUC 4252, Seminar

HPE majors complete eight weeks each at Elementary and Secondary Placement OR a 16 week placement with K-12.