The Center for Indigenous Community Engagement

The Center for Indigenous Community Engagement (CICE) supports collaboration between faculty, staff, and students who focus on Indigenous issues and research, and facilitates, promotes, and disseminates research that is comparative, interdisciplinary, transnational, and innovative in scope and methods in the fields of American Indian, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, and Indigenous Studies. CICE hosts regular meetings and occasional workshops that address issues and topics of timely interest to scholars and the local community in Tsalagi (Cherokee) country by supporting collaborative interdisciplinary research and discussion groups composed of faculty, students, and local Native American community members. CICE provides a forum for interdisciplinary and cross-sectional dialogues that highlight the necessary link between the Center and intellectuals who work on promoting Indigenous Studies and issues relevant to Indigenous peoples especially relating to legacies of settler colonialism.

For more information on the Center’s work, contact Dr. Farina King, Associate Professor of History, at