Scholarships for History Students at NSU

Scholarship ProgramWilliam P. Willis Scholarship Program

The 1986 Oklahoma Legislature (70 O.S., Supp. 1986, Section 2292) authorized the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to establish and maintain a scholarship program

...for the purpose of providing scholarships to low-income, full-time undergraduates attending institutions in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.


  1. Individuals who are residents of the State of Oklahoma shall be eligible to apply for assistance under the program.
  2. Individuals who are enrolled full time in an undergraduate program at a member institution of The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education shall be eligible for assistance under the program.
  3. Individuals who meet low-income criteria as established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education shall be eligible for admission to the program.
  4. Certification of applicant eligibility must be provided by a participating institution.

Nomination and Selection of Recipients

Presidents of Oklahoma State System institutions of higher education will be invited to submit a nominee and an alternate candidate for consideration of award prior to the beginning of the academic year. An advisory committee appointed by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education will review the application and make the announcement of awards.

Maximum Limitations

Scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis, renewable for up to three (3) additional years, in an amount equivalent to the average costs by sector of all general enrollment fees, books, materials and institutional services (including room and board) or, if sufficient monies are not available, a proportional amount thereof.

Study Load Requirements

Students participating in the program must be enrolled as full-time students at one of Oklahoma's public colleges or universities and must maintain satisfactory progress toward the completion of their baccalaureate degree program as certified by institutional officials in order to continue their eligibility.

Scholarship Apportionment

No more than one scholarship recipient shall attend each institution in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education; provided that one recipient, apart from the others, majoring in the field of history, shall attend Northeastern State University.

Certification of Compliance

Certification that recipients have met the study load requirements must be received by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education prior to the issuance of each payment. The program certification forms will be furnished to the scholarship recipients by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. It will be the individual recipient's responsibility to ensure that the forms are signed by the proper institutional official and returned to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education no later than the third week of September and January for payments for the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

Northeastern's Scholarship Office provided the following additional information about the Willis Scholarship:

The Oklahoma State Regents William P. Willis Scholarship provides low-income, full-time undergraduate students nominated by Oklahoma public colleges and universities an award to help meet the cost of attendance at each institutional tier. For the 2014-15 academic year, awards for students attending the research universities will be $3,000; for four-year college students, $2,400; and for the two-year college students, $2,000.

The State Regents invite your institution to submit a nominee and an alternate to this office for the 2014-15 academic year. To be eligible for the award, the nominee must be a full-time undergraduate, have an effective income of $32,000 or less per year, be an Oklahoma resident, and be making satisfactory academic progress. We encourage nomination of your current year recipient if the student is still eligible.

For Further Information On This Program, Contact:
William P. Willis Scholarship Program
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
500 Education Building
State Capitol Complex
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-4503

Calvin Turnbow Scholarship

The Calvin Turbow Scholarship is awarded near the end of each spring semester to a student who will be a senior the next academic year and has the "greatest potential in the field of historical endeavor after graduation. Thus the student's GPA would not necessarily be the prime criteria." Application forms may be obtained from the Scholarship Office.

Regents' Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Each year the history department is allocated a number of this type of scholarship. Members of the department rank students who apply based on academic performance and potential. The scholarships are awarded to the highest ranking students who meet the financial requirements of the scholarship. For more details concerning this scholarship, contact Northeastern's Scholarship Office.

James Madison Graduate Fellowships

The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers $24,000 James Madison Graduate Fellowships to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level.

James Madison Graduate Fellowship