Certified Tutor Training Program

Certified Tutor Training Program

kippThe Northeastern State University/College Reading and Learning Association Tutor Training Program provides three levels of tutor training for Writing and Reading Center tutors.

Global Statement of Learning Objectives:

Tutors will have a review of the College of Reading and Language Association and Northeastern State University's mission, tutoring definitions, ethics, producers, guidelines, and record-keeping information.

Tutor Trainees will learn about the tutoring cycle, the tutoring session, and the importance of student verbalization. Tutors will learn new strategies to encourage student independence by demonstrating and introducing:

  • New study strategies
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Problem-solving tips
  • Accessing resources
  • Encouraging student conversation to clarify thinking
  • Developing critical thinking
  • Identifying student learning difficulties
  • Promoting independence through student confidence

What is CRLA?

  • The College of Reading and Learning Association: Goals - Certification
  • Northeastern State University philosophy- mission: Reading Center and Writing Center missions


If you are interested in becoming a tutor, or need more information please contact:

In Broken Arrow:
Monique Brinker, Writing Center Coordinator