Language and Cultural Center (LCC)


The Language and Cultural Center’s (LCC) broader mission is to serve as a resource for educational services in second-language acquisition and cross-cultural literacy.

The goal of LCC is to address the demand for high-quality English language programs for clients organizations. In light of the strong demand for high-quality English second language acquisition (L2) programs, the Language and Cultural Center will develop and facilitate L2 programs that promote best practices in the field of second language acquisition.

Confucius Classroom


Funding Agency: University of Oklahoma - Confucius Classroom.

Purpose of Award: To strengthen the Confucius Institute by providing social services to the local community, developing Chinese teaching and learning, and enhancing the mutual understanding and friendship between young people of both China and the United States.  The Confucius Classroom will support both teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture.



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