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English Professors Publish Works

Dr. Christopher Flavin, Associate Professor of English, authored a book titled Constructions of Feminine Identity in the Catholic Tradition: Inventing Women. The book examines the ways in which late classical medieval women's writings serve as a means of emphasizing both faith and social identity within a distinctly Christian, and later Catholic, tradition, which remains a major part of the understanding of faith and the self. Flavin focuses on key texts from the lives of desert saints and the Passio Perpetua to the autobiographies of Counter-Reformation women like Teresa of vila to illustrate the connections between the self and the divine.

Constructions of Feminine Identity cover

Christopher Murphy, Associate Professor of English authored a poetry piece titled Fender, Caddy, Finn, Fender that was published in Spartan, a journal of minimalist prose. The piece is a semi-autobiographical tale about a lonely man and puppy companion. He also published a second piece titled The Ladies at the Armory with Ghost Parachute.

ghost parachute cover