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Music auditions for admission and scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year will be held on February 17 or April 14 in the Center for the Performing Arts on the Tahlequah campus. On March 24 auditions will be held on the Broken Arrow campus. Prerecorded video, Virtual auditions or auditions by appointment can also be arranged.  For more information about the auditions, please contact an area coordinator. 

Bands/Instrumental: Dr. Anne Watson
Choral/Vocal: Dr. Jeffery Wall
Piano/Organ:Dr. Ronald Chioldi
Jazz Studies & Commercial Music: Dr. Clark Gibson

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It is often helpful to schedule a private meeting/lesson with the NSU faculty member who teaches your major instrument (or voice) prior to auditioning. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the faculty member, and is an opportunity to experience the teaching style. NSU faculty members are the best source of information in advising you in the audition process.

What is an Audition?

An audition is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your performing ability to NSU faculty members. Auditions are held on the campus of Northeastern State University on designated dates each semester. If you are not able to make one of the designated audition dates, you may arrange a separate audition with NSU faculty by appointment. Auditions are required for both admission to the music major and distribution of scholarships.

What Should I Prepare?

You should perform well-practiced music that demonstrates your best playing. It is recommended that you prepare two selections of contrasting styles that demonstrate your musical ability. Musical selections should be of a classical nature, such as the standard solo repertoire listings on the Oklahoma state contest solo list. Other comparable works are acceptable, such as movements of a sonata or concerto. Students interested in auditioning for jazz & commercial music scholarships should prepare a jazz etude or solo transcription and/or be prepared to improvise in an F or B-flat blues progression. Percussion students should prepare to play a maximum of two different instruments (drum set will count as one single instrument). Suggested material for singers include an aria or art song. Singers will be provided an accompanist, or they may bring their own. Instrumental students are not required to audition with piano accompaniment. If you are unsure about what to perform, feel free to contact any of the NSU music faculty.

Diagnostics for Incoming Music Majors

Incoming music majors will be evaluated in music theory and aural skills for placement purposes and establishing benchmarks. These exams give us an idea where students are academically, and how they can best be taught.