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Gifts to support the music program through the NSU Foundation play an important role in the lives of our music students. Whether for the Music Scholarship Fund or for music programming, your investment, regardless of the amount, will help our music program remain strong and vital.

You may give online by visiting the NSU Foundation's website. Or, if you prefer, you may send a check, made payable to the NSU Foundation, marked for the Music Scholarship Fund or music programming and send it to:

NSU Department of Music
Dr. Jeffery Wall
605 N. Grand Avenue
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Endowed Music Funds

  • Dr. Lowell "Chief" Lehman Endowed Fund
  • Dr. Mark S. Bighley Music Scholarship
  • Donald E. & Martha Sory Blair Music & COLA Scholarship
  • Joe Davis & Jacob Farinelli Memorial Scholarship
  • Frances Fite Memorial Jazz Scholarship
  • NSU Marching Band Endowed Fund
  • Thelma Parker Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation Music Scholarship
  • Dr. William J. Rauch Band Scholarship
  • Clare M. Stroup & Thomas E. Stroup Memorial Scholarship
  • Lou Summers Memorial Vocal Scholarship

2020-2021 NSU Music Contributors
Reflected below are donations January - December 2020.
Please let us know if we have accidentally left off a donor or placed someone in the wrong category.



  • Donald and Martha Blair



  • Max McCullough
  • Dr. Diana Metzger


  • Betty Jo Hays
  • Dr. Chuck DeShong Memorial Scholarship


  • Anonymous
  • Ernst and Gaye Bekkering
  • Dr. Mark Bighley
  • Carl Bivins Memorial Scholarship
  • Bob and Kathy Daniel
  • Michael Dill
  • Danna and Tim Grear Family Fund
  • David and Robbi Rader
  • Kay Vincent
  • John Yeutter


  • Virginia Davis
  • ONEOK Foundation


  • Dr. Deborah Landry
  • Judith Sherman
  • Dr. Anne Watson


  • Ken and Rhonda Beard
  • John Benge
  • Steven Chase
  • Eve L. Kuniansky
  • David Laney
  • Farren and Gail Mayfield
  • Cheryl Nobles
  • Donna Roberson
  • Ann Sheldon
  • Linda Spyres
  • Dr. Donald W. Studebaker
  • Lenore Wilson


  • Benevity Causes
  • Dr. Sara Brown
  • Doug and Erica Caputo
  • Wayne and April Felts
  • Terry and Maria Foster
  • Delena Goss
  • Lori Martin
  • Sindi McGuire
  • Fred Monachello
  • Sarah Whittle
  • Carla Young

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