Dr. Ratnakar Deole
Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Oklahoma State University

Phone: 918-449-6414
Office: BASC 224
Lab: BASC 211
Email: deole@nsuok.edu



Research Interests

Extremophile Biochemistry and Genomics

Current Research: Organic osmolyte accumulation is a central component of bacterial response to abiotic stress. Identifying and characterizing these organic molecules, key genes involved in biosynthesis/uptake of these organic molecules and identifying metabolites involved in stress perception and signaling is the goal of my research. I use extremophilic bacteria as model organisms. I have worked on UV light and high salinity stress. CO2 stress will be my emphasis. The knowledge gained from these model systems is used to metabolically engineer strains which will be used in translational research for production of important pharmaceutical/biotechnological molecules and bioenergy.

Recent Publications

McKenzie AU, Deole R. Unique biochemical pathway for shikimic acid metabolism in O.limnetica. Trends in BioChemistry. 2013, Volume 22. U-Undergraduate research student in Deole lab group.

McKenzie AU, Deole R. Genome mining of the draft genome of O. limnetica reveals mycosporine-like amino acids genes. Recent Developments in Biotechnology. 2013, Volume 8. U-Undergraduate research student in Deole lab group.

Challacombe JF, Majid S, Deole R, Lapidus A, Ivanova N, Hoff WD. Complete genome sequence of Halorhodospira halophila SL1. Standards in Genomics.2013, 8(2).

Deole R, Hoff WD. Using extremely halophilic bacteria to understand the role of surface charge and surface hydration in protein evolution, folding, and function. Bulletin of the American Physical Society. 2013, 58(1).

Deole R. “Use of halophile physiology and adaptations in various industrial applications”. Res. J. Biotech, 2013, 8(2):1-3

Deole R, Challacombe JF, Raiford D, Hoff WD. “Extreme halophile with a low cytoplasmic potassium content and acidic proteome”. J. Biol. Chem. 2013, 288: 581-588. 
F1000 Prime Recommended

Deole R, Hoff WD. “An extreme halophile with low cytoplasmic potassium content”. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science. 2009, 89:93

Current Students

Currently mentoring two undergraduate students and one Master’s student.

Current Funding

Principle Investigator: NSF: OK EPSCoR 2013 : Genome-scale reconstruction of metabolic network for a halophilic extremophile, Halorhodospira halophila SL1.

Previous Funded Proposals

1. Principle Investigator: NSF: OK EPSCoR 2012: The genome sequence of Oscillatoria limnetica: Clues to diverse third generation bio-energy production.

2. Principle Investigator: FRC - Northeastern State University 2012: The Genome of Halorhodospira halochloris.

3. DOE:JGI 2005: The Genome of Halorhodospira halophila


Collaborators (past 4 years):  Fakhr M; Raiford D; Colberg T; Elshahed M; Kerr M; Hoyt P; Hoff W; Burnap R.



NSU researchers attended the 2016 Arkansas IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Conference at the University of Arkansas. Pictured from left to right: Cody Poe, Yuliya Kunz, Casey Eddington, Brandy Fultz, Dr. Ratnakar Deole, and Dr. Nathan Green.


Yuliya Kunz, honorable mention for poster presentation and Dr. Ratnakar Deole.


DaVinci Fellowship 2018 and Vitruvian man award