NSU Licensing Disclosures

The curriculum for programs customarily leading to licensure at Northeastern State University have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in Oklahoma. The licensure boards in each state are responsible for establishing the requirements for licensure/certification for their state. Students who intend to return or move to any state other than Oklahoma need to review the professional licensure disclosures pertaining to their program and consult with the state professional licensing board. The state professional licensing boards make the ultimate decision as to whether or not an individual will be eligible to sit for licensure based on the rules and regulations in place at the time the individual submits their application for licensure.

Please click on the program name to go to that program's licensure information. This will indicate one of the three options: the program does meet licensure in all states, the program does not meet the requirements for licensure in all states or a determination cannot be made as to whether the program leads to licensure in the all states.