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    1. Ethics and Distance Education: Strategies for Minimizing Academic Dishonesty in Online Assessment
    2. Fourteen Simple Strategies to Reduce Cheating on Online Examinations
    3. Seven Strategies for Plagiarism-proofing Discussion Threads in Online Courses
    1. Accessibility Checklist for Online Courses
    2. Accessibility Considerations for Online Courses
    3. Blackboard Course Accessibility Checklist
    1. Assignment and Assessment Strategies that Keep Students on Track
    2. Assessment Rubric
  4. BASIC
    1. An Introduction to Teaching Online
    2. Creating printer-friendly documents for your online course
    3. How to Effectively Shift to Online Teaching
    4. Best Practices in Online Teaching
    5. Online Course Readiness Checklist
    6. Online Teaching Tips: Sweat the Small Stuff
    7. Practical Advice for Going from Face to Face to Online Teaching
    8. Seven Things That Worked in My Online Class
    9. Six Ways to Get Your Online Students Participating in the Course
    10. Standards for Quality Online Courses
    11. Ten Principles of Effective Online Teaching
    12. Tips for Online Instructors: Managing Files, Feedback, and Workload
    13. Top 10 Rules for Developing Your First Online Course
    14. TopHat Guide to Online Teaching
    1. 11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Courses
    2. 5 Ways to Connect with Online Students
    3. 5 Ways to Promote Student Success in Online Learning
    4. Award-Winning Faculty Online Teaching Practices: Elements of Award-Winning Courses
    5. Be Efficient, Not Busy Time Management Strategies for Online
    6. Best Practices for Teaching Online Infographic
    7. Checklist for Online Instructors
    8. Get Your Online Course Off to a Good Start
    9. Handbook of Research on Innovative Pedagogies and Technologies for Online Learning in Higher Education
    10. OLC Quality Course Scorecard
    11. Online Course Design Best Practices Checklists
    12. Research on Best Practices
    13. Six Instructional Best Practices for Online Engagement and Retention
    14. Synchronous Strategies for the New Normal
    15. Teaching Out of the Box: 20 Research-based Principles to Guide the Transition to High Quality Online Courses
    16. Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online
    1. Copyright: Fair Use or Foul Play
    1. A Framework for Designing Questions for Online Learning
    2. Online Discussion Rubric
    3. Seven Strategies for Plagiarism-proofing Discussion Threads in Online Courses
    4. Seven Ways to Improve Your Online Discussions
    5. Understanding the Instructor's Role in Facilitating Online Discussion
    1. Sample Online Course Late Policy
    2. Sample Syllabus for Online Course
    1. Instructor's Guide to Online Course Development and Facilitation
    2. Nine Online Course Development Tips
    3. Online Course Design Best Practices Checklists
    4. Six Instructional Best Practices for Online Engagement and Retention
    1. A Rubric for Assessing the Interactive Qualities of Distance Learning Courses
    2. Assessment Rubric
    3. Online Discussion Rubric
    4. Rubric for Online Instruction


  1. 5 Practices for Productive Online Discussions: Adapting A Brick-and-Mortar Strategy to Online Discussion Boards
  2. Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom
  3. Are You Present? Online Teaching Strategies for a Successful Educational Experience
  4. Begin Here: Writing Quality Learning Objectives
  5. Beyond the Buzz: Recent Research in Hot Topics in Online Education and Quality Assurance
  6. Break out of Your Online Discussion Rut with Intentional Design
  7. Building A Community: Using Technology to Create A Sense of Belonging for Online Students
  8. Building Rapport Online
  9. Feeling Real: Establishing Social Presence in Online Discussions
  10. How Can We Get Students to Work In Teams in Online Courses?
  11. How I Engaged My Students with Online Discussion Variety
  12. How to Present Information in Higher Education
  13. Instructor Presence in Online Courses: It's Not Just a Fa ade
  14. Interactive Learning--Enhancing the Online Experience
  15. Recipe for engagement: Interaction strategies that work
  16. Small Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Success
  17. Strategies for Engaging Students with Zoom
  18. Teach Smarter: 5 Strategies for Effective (and efficient) Online Teaching
  19. Teaching Online Lab Science Courses: Challenges and Solutions
  20. The Online Lab Conundrum