Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Political Science Degree Requirements

Required Courses (take these 15 hours)

POLS 2313 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 2353 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 2713 Introduction to State & Local Government
POLS 2813 Introduction to Political Theory
POLS 3083 Scope & Methods of Political Science

American Institutions (select 6 hours)

POLS 2623 Public Policy
POLS 3513 Legislative Process
POLS 3543 American Presidency
POLS 4213 Political Parties
POLS 4233 Interest Groups in U.S. Politics
POLS 4633 Public Personnel Administration
POLS 4653 Public Finance and Budgeting
POLS 4733 Constitutional Law I
POLS 4833 Constitutional Law II

Political Behavior (select 6 hours)

POLS 4133 Southern Politics
POLS 4183 Political Propaganda
POLS 4253 Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POLS 4263 Politics and the American Indian
POLS 4273 Race and Politics
POLS 4283 Campaigns and Elections
POLS 4293 Political Communication and the Media

International Relations & Comparative Politics (select 6 hours)

POLS 4153 Regional Politics (up to 6 hours)
POLS 4603 Topics in Global Issues (up to 6 hours)
POLS 4413 American Foreign Policy

Political Theory (select 3 hours)

POLS 4533 Contemporary Political Theory
POLS 4543 Philosophy of Law
POLS 4573 American Political Thought

Political Science Advanced Elective (3 hours)

Choose from any 3000-4000 level POLS course not used above.


At least 80 hours must be in Liberal Arts & Sciences courses (marked with # symbol in NSU catalog).

Total hours must include at least 40 hours in upper-division (3000 & 4000 level) courses.

At least 60 hours must be from a 4-year institution.