FAQs Pre Health


Premedical, pre-dental, pre-nursing, etc. are not majors. We advise you to major in a subject that interests you, despite your desire to apply to a health profession program. Your major should be your Plan B in case you are not accepted into your health profession program.

The list of prerequisite courses for all the health professions is located on our pre-health website under the topic, "pre-health prerequisites". These prerequisites will include courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and more.

Course planning guides can be found on the pre-health website for each health profession. Courses are listed in the order they should be taken.

The more hours devoted to volunteering and shadowing, the more competitive the applicant. Some professional programs, for instance dental programs, have a minimum number of required shadowing hours to be completed prior to applying to the program. You should shadow a health professional in your chosen health profession. Volunteering does not have to be health related.

Grades in the life sciences are very important. You must earn at least a grade of C in all of the prerequisites. Health profession programs are especially interested in a student's math/science grade point average. This grade point average differs for each health profession, but a 3.5 cumulative and math/science grade point average will be competitive for most health profession programs.