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ROTC is a program designed to train and commission the future leaders of the United States Army.

ROTC is not only about academics. Cadets also thrive as athletes and leaders. As a good leader in the U.S. Army, you must lead your soldiers from the front and set a positive example for them to follow. ROTC not only prepares you to become an officer in the military, it also develops necessary leadership and management skills for success in the corporate world. Ret. Secretary of State Colin Powell, Wal-mart owner Sam Walton, and former head football coach of the University of Notre Dame Lou Holtz all received their initial leadership training through ROTC. Also, having participated in such a highly respected program looks great on a résumé.

A senior cadet becomes an active duty second lieutenant with a guaranteed job after graduation and receives a starting salary of at least $36,000 a year, housing, medical, clothing and food allowance as well as tax free benefits.  Combined these benefits add up to approx. $64,000.  After three years of serving Active Duty, many of these officers become Captains and take advantage of earning Masters degrees, fully paid for by the Army while also receiving a paycheck.  The benefits, training, experience, career and retirement opportunities available in this program are absolutely outstanding.

So whether you want to make a career in the Army, National Guard, Reserves or prepare yourself for civilian leadership opportunities, the ROTC program develops the necessary skills you need to become a success in any career.

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