Performance Policies

Cell Phones

All cell phones should be either turned off or set to silent or vibrate mode. Patrons whose devices disrupt a performance will be asked to leave the theater.

Photography & Recording

Absolutely no photography or recording devices of any kind are permitted in the theater, including cell phone cameras. Cameras or recording equipment must be checked at the Box Office.

Family-Friendly Performance

Many events are specifically designed for families and we encourage you to enjoy these events with your children. Young children seated on a parent’s lap may enter the theater without a ticket. Any child occupying a seat must have a ticket to attend the performance. For performances not specifically geared for young audiences, parents are asked to use discretion when bringing children. If children are disruptive to other patrons during a performance, parents may be asked to leave the theater with their child. 


We attempt to begin all performances at the time indicated on your ticket. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the house manager, based on the specifications of the performance company. 

Entering/Exiting Theater During Performance

Please be considerate of other patrons during the performance when entering or exiting the theater to use the restrooms, make a phone call, etc. It is considered customary to wait for breaks between songs or during scene changes to enter or exit. Most performances will have at least one 15-minute intermission to address these needs.