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Criminal Justice - Homeland Security

Plan of Study

Criminal Justice, Homeland Security Emphasis - Bachelor of Science

College of Liberal Arts, Department of Professional Studies

The Criminal Justice & Legal Studies program offers the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Students may choose from three options:

  1. Criminal Justice Studies
  2. Paralegal Studies
  3. Homeland Security

These options are also available as minors. The Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies degrees are offered on both the Tahlequah and Broken Arrow campuses. A selection of courses in the Homeland Security Option is available online; however, the major is offered in its entirety on the Broken Arrow campus.

A career in Homeland Security offers a challenging and ever-changing career path. The field is broad and covers emergency management specialists, who work in the hazard mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery efforts in our society; or, the intelligence analysts whose job is to interpret data in order to protect or solve threats to the homeland. There are also those who work to secure our infrastructure and information technology from outside threats. And also, there are the men and women of our emergency services, law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical services, who are our everyday frontline defenders of America’s security. Homeland Security professionals are found in federal, state, and local positions, as well as working in the non-profit and private sector.

An Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree earned from Eastern Oklahoma State College waives the general education requirements with the exception of pre-requisites of the major. All students must have demonstrated English Proficiency to graduate. It is suggested/recommended that you complete these requirements while completing your associate’s degree.

  • CRJS 1123 Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CRJS 2123 Patrol Tactics & Operations

At least 18 hours of advanced (3000, 4000) courses are required on a Paralegal minor. Eighteen hours of this major must be earned at Northeastern State University. A second major may not be earned in Criminal Justice. A second major or minor is recommended from the following: any program within the Social Sciences, English, Speech, Journalism, Business, Sciences and Math, Safety Management, and Psychology.

NSU Course Sequence

At least 55 semester credit hours are required in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This major, together with general education hours, provides for 44 hours. A total of 60 hours must be completed from a four year institution.

The following grid outlines your last four semesters at NSU; assuming that you have completed your general education requirements (or have a recognized associate’s degree) and the two courses listed above at Eastern Oklahoma State College.

For more information view Course Sequence.

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