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Plan of Study

Sociology - Bachelor of Arts

College of Liberal Arts, Department of Social Sciences

Sociology is the academic discipline focusing on the systematic study of people in interaction with one another and in organized relationships. The emphasis is on understanding how people relate to one another, and why they act the way they do. The program's goal is to help students reach an understanding of sociology and to connect this understanding with the actual social world. There are four bases for selecting an undergraduate major in sociology:

  1. It is valuable in developing a general liberal arts education that emphasizes improving the quality of life for oneself and for others.
  2. It is valuable in education for the helping professions.
  3. It is valuable in providing a background for persons wanting to become professional social scientists.
  4. It provides pre-professional training for other fields.

The Bachelor of Arts may be earned in Sociology. The department also offers minors in Sociology and Gerontology.

An Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree earned from Eastern Oklahoma State College waives the general education requirements with the exception of pre-requisites of the major. All students must have demonstrated English Proficiency to graduate.

Note: The following are required pre-requisite courses for the Sociology Major and it is suggested/recommended that you incorporate them into the pursuit of your associate’s degree.

  • SOC 1113 Intro to Sociology
  • MATH 1503 Survey of Mathematics or Math 1513 College Algebra


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