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Psychology - Mental Health

Plan of Study

Psychology, Mental Health- Bachelor of Arts

College of Education, Department of Psychology and Counseling

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior and experience (normal and abnormal) and the psychological, social, cognitive, and biological processes related to that behavior.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program requires 42 credit hours. The student will choose one of four options for study: General Psychology, Mental Health Psychology, Developmental Psychology, or Human Resource Development Psychology (HRD). A core group of subjects is common to all four options and comprises 22 credit hours of the major. The remaining 20 credit hours are selected by the student from a list of "guided electives" for the HRD, Developmental, and Mental Health options. For the General option, the student chooses 20 credit hours from any of the psychology courses offered at Northeastern State University.

An Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree earned from Eastern Oklahoma State College waives the general education requirements with the exception of pre-requisites of the major. All students must have demonstrated English Proficiency to graduate.

All students need to earn 60 hours of credit from a four year institution of higher learning in order to receive a Baccalaureate degree in Psychology.

Note: The following are required pre-requisite courses for the Psychology Major, Developmental Psychology Option, and it is suggested you incorporate them into the pursuit of your Associate’s degree. If these courses are not taken in your Associate’s degree, you will be required to take them at Northeastern State University.

  • PSY 1113 Intro to Psychology
  • MATH 1513 College Algebra
  • PSY 2103 Developmental Psychology


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