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Spanish Education

Plan of Study

TCC Associate in Arts in Spanish
NSU Bachelor of Arts in Education in Spanish Education

The mission of the Spanish Bachelor of Arts in Education degree program is to prepare Spanish teacher candidates who, consistent with the College of Education’s Conceptual Framework, are teaching scholars in the field of Spanish, educational leaders in world languages, and developers of human potential through their role as instructors of language and culture. The program assists students in acquiring an advanced level of proficiency in all four language domains and in interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational forms of communication. Candidates will understand current language acquisition theories and use this knowledge to implement world language instructional practices that include target language input and meaningful interaction. The program also helps students gain a high level of familiarity with both the products and practices of Hispanic cultures so that they can interact successfully with members of these cultures, appreciate their history and achievements, and integrate cultural information into their instruction. Finally, the Spanish Bachelor of Arts in Education program develops teacher candidates who can promote language study and who seek continued professional development activities to improve their content-area and professional skills.

The Spanish Bachelor of Arts Education degree program is a unit of the Department of Languages and Literature. The faculty of the Department of Languages and Literature is committed to the following general goals: 1.) the cultivation of scholarship, critical thinking, and competence for faculty and students in the diverse areas of its purview, 2.) attracting, developing, and retaining the most outstanding faculty we can find to serve our students in their learning experience, and 3.) promulgating a profound devotion to excellence in the study and application in teaching of languages and literature.

Successful completion of the OGET. The NSU Spanish Bachelor of Arts in Education degree plan includes minimum course requirements. However, there are additional requirements for full admission to and continued participation in NSU’s Teacher Education Program. These include: Successful completion of the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET). All candidates, regardless of GPA must successfully complete the OGET for teacher certification.

Transferring to NSU is a seamless process. Although you can transfer to NSU at any time in your academic career, the smoothest transition occurs if you have earned or will earn an AA from TCC. This milestone will also meet your general education requirements at NSU (unless it is a specific NSU requirement for you to graduate). Within your AA, make sure you earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale (an average of C or better) at Tulsa Community College. The student shall have graduated from TCC with an Associate in Arts Degree in Spanish with a total of sixty-one (61) credit hours (excluding physical education courses). A maximum of 18 hours can be transferred toward the major requirements at NSU.

What it takes to complete a BA from NSU. If you don’t complete your AA at TCC, you will need to meet NSU’s specific general education requirements. You must have at least 124 hours completed to earn a BA. Of those hours, 60 must be from a university (4-year school), 40 must be junior and senior (3000/4000) level, and half of the hours in your major must be from NSU. The core curriculum for the AA in Spanish degree at TCC and other courses outlined in the degree plan will be accepted as satisfying the general education and computer proficiency requirements for the BA in Spanish Education at NSU. When you transfer to NSU, you will likely need to complete around 60 more hours in order to earn your BA. It is necessary to consult with an advisor from the Spanish unit when selecting classes so that there is no duplication.

How do my TCC classes transfer to NSU? Every class that you have taken at TCC will transfer to NSU. Each class will count in one of the following categories that make up a bachelor’s degree: general education, major, minor, or free elective. You probably already know about general education and major classes but minors and free electives are unique to bachelor’s degrees. A minor is 18 hours from an academic area of your choice and it is designed to complement your major. In the case of the BA in Spanish Education there is no true minor as the College of Education requires 29 hours of course work in professional education. Free electives are extremely flexible and can be selected from any academic area. They allow you to explore your academic interests outside of your major while counting toward the 124 hours you need to graduate. Most degree programs at NSU allow for some free electives. If you completed a class at TCC that does not meet one of the other specific requirements, it will count in this category, up to the first 64 hours. If you have completed more than 64 hours at the associate degree level, all courses will transfer to NSU, but only the first 64 hours will apply to your degree. This is because you must have 60 hours from a four-year institution to meet state requirements for graduation with a baccalaureate degree.

When can you start taking NSU classes? You can begin taking classes at NSU while you are completing your AA at TCC. This is called dual enrollment; many students do this each semester. Consult an NSU academic advisor and a financial aid counselor to see how dual enrollment can work for you. However, be aware that only TCC courses selected for NSU equivalency which are in the Spanish Education core requirements will count in your Spanish Education major. These are listed below.

NOTE: For admission to the Teacher Education Program, students must have completed (45) credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students failing to meet these admission requirements will be limited in the education classes they may take until all requirements are completed. Students in all education programs must read and sign the College of Education Statement of Understanding. This will be accomplished with advisement from your NSU advisor.

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Contact Transfer Student Services to make your transition to NSU as smooth and seamless as possible.

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