Women's Studies Mission

Mission for the
Center for Women's Studies

As an academic center of education and advocacy, the Center of Women's Studies seeks to:

1. Bring attention to the issues facing women in Oklahoma

2. Support a raised consciousness on feminism and global
women's and gender issues, such as health, trafficking,
childbirth, etc.

3. Stimulate discussions regarding the way gender intersects
with social movements, education, society, history,
criminal justice, politics, communication, the arts, family
life, popular culture, and other identity categories,
including race, class ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture,
age, and physical ability.

4. Encourage activism and other forms of civic engagement
around women s issues

5. Promote self-empowerment of students through
education and social activism

6. Encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative faculty and
student research in women's studies

7. Offer an interdisciplinary minor to support student
knowledge and research on women's issues