Women's Studies Minor

The Women’s Studies (WGS) minor is a multidisciplinary, integrated program that seeks to empower NSU students to be socially responsible global citizens through fostering learning about gender roles and relations across cultures and history. Honoring both the university’s history as a female seminary and the legacy of Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation and Sequoyah Fellow at NSU, the WS program prioritizes study of minority women, indigenous women, and women’s leadership.

The minor requires you to complete 18 hours of WGS credits. Although there are no required courses, you are encouraged to take both Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (as a foundational course) and Feminist & Social Activism (as a capstone course).

A maximum of nine one-hour WS credits can be counted toward the minor. Look in the current course schedule under WGS for a list of courses that count toward the minor. 

Courses could include, but are not limited to:

  • Perspectives of Native American Women
  • Gender and Crime
  • Rhetoric of US Women’s Movements
  • African American Writers
  • Women’s Literature
  • Native American Literature
  • Cultural Aspects of the 5 Tribes
  • Feminist Philosophy and Criticism
  • Non-profit Organizational Communication
  • Psychology of the Minority Experience
  • Violence Against Women
  • Social Stratification
  • Women in Leadership
  • Feminist Theory
  • Marginalized Cultures
  • Courses from the African-American Studies program

For more information visit the Course Catalog.