Elementary Education

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Do you want to share your love of learning with the next generation? Do you enjoy working with children and helping them grown intellectually?

An Elementary Education degree provides experiences with students 1st through 8th grades.

Teachers will be skilled in teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math and will have knowledge of Art, Music and Physical Education concepts as well.

This degree will enable graduates to be highly effective teachers in elementary classrooms.

Northeastern State University is Oklahoma's fourth largest public four-year institution. Ranked in the top three for most affordable university tuition, NSU is a cost-effective way to earn a degree in Elementary Education. 


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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Use their understanding of individual child development to plan and implement inclusion learning experiences that meet the needs of each learner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of content and curricular knowledge.
  • Apply their understanding of content and curricular knowledge by creating effective learning experiences to meet the needs of each learner.
  • Utilize multiple forms of assessment and data to monitor students’ learning and guide instruction.
  • Plan learning activities to meet established learning goals and standards for each learner.
  • Design a learning environment that support student learning, promotes positive student interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.
  • Identify a variety of instructional strategies to support each child’s learning.
  • Build ongoing communities of support to enhance student learning.

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Degree Overview

Core classes

  • ELED 4214 - Earth/Space Content and Pedagogy
  • ELED 4313 - Integrated Art Strategies for Elementary & Middle Grades
  • ELED 4323 - Language Arts and Writing Strategies for the Elementary & Middle Grades
  • ELED 4343 - Social Studies Strategies for the Elementary & Middle Grades
  • ELED 4363 - Number Sense & Operations, Content & Pedagogy
  • ELED 4372 - Strategies for English Language Learners in Elementary & Middle Grades
  • ELED 4583 - Assessment & Progress Monitoring in the Elementary & Middle Grades
  • ELED 4753 - Strategies for Differentiation, Diversity, & Trauma
  • LIBM 4023 - Materials for Children (Formerly Children’s Literature)
  • P ED 4513 - Elementary School Programs in Physical Education
  • READ 4013 - Content Literacy K-8
  • READ 4023 - Reading and Language Development of the Young Child
  • READ 4063 - Introduction to Reading and Writing Assessment
  • READ 4213 - Remediation for Dyslexia & Struggling Readers
  • SPED 4433 - Introduction to Education of Children with Exceptionalities
  • EDUC 4823 - Technology & the 21st Century

Clinical Experience/Internships

Pre-Internship I - requires 2.75 GPA/45 completed credit hours, 8 full days of observation/field experience

  • EDUC 3313 - Clinical Teaching/Pre-Internship I
  • EDUC 3113 - Educational Psychology

Pre-Internship II - requires 2.5 GPA and 10 full days of observation

  • ELED 4563 - Management of the Elementary Classroom and Curriculum
  • EDUC 4032 - Pre-Internship II

Full Internship - requires 2.5 GPA and full-time semester of student teaching

  • EDUC 4054 - Elementary Intern Teaching
  • EDUC 4074 - Secondary Intern Teaching
  • EDUC 4172 - Assessment and Evaluation
  • EDUC 4252 - Seminar

See course catalog for full degree plan


Licensure Programs

Northeastern State University offers initial teacher licensure programs at the traditional undergraduate level for graduates wishing to teach in Oklahoma. We also offer advanced licensure programs and programs for other school professionals at the graduate level. We do not guarantee to meet the licensure requirements of other states. You will be responsible for verifying that your program of study meets your desired state's licensure requirements.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Programs at Northeastern State University that prepare students for initial licensure as educators are designed to meet the licensure standards set by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Students seeking licensure in another state are advised to contact the appropriate licensing board in that state to determine specific requirements of guidelines for reciprocity. Northeastern State University cannot confirm whether a particular licensure program meets requirements for licensure outside of the State of Oklahoma. For a list of the state departments of education that oversee professional teaching licensure, see the U.S. Department of Education website - State Contacts page. Click here for NSU's state-specific matrix.

For questions related to licensure, please contact Lois Buttress (buttress@nsuok.edu).

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