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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics and computer science are the languages of today's high-tech evolving world.  Whatever your academic and career goals may be, the sky's the limit with a good foundation of Mathematics & Computer Science.  Where do you want to take your education?  Medicine? Science? Business? Engineering? Data Analysis? Here at NSU we teach you the mathematic skills to solve problems and to write software instructing the computer to perform as desired.  Our tech-savvy professors will instruct and help guide you in creating applications for mobile devices, developing dynamic, interactive web pages, and present you with materials to gain a good working foundation of necessary computer languages and mathematic skills to compete and excel in your chosen career.

Students of Mathematics & Computer Science have the opportunity to attend academic conferences and competitions sponsored by various Mathematics and Computer Science organizations throughout the United States and abroad.  

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, located in the Science Building, is situated on the southwest end of the campus. The Science Building is conveniently attached to our Science Lab to accommodate all of your science needs in one convenient location. The Science Building is also home to the Natural Sciences and Health Professions (including our pre-professional health programs). If you are a student on the Muskogee or Broken Arrow campus, this office can also be utilized to help service your needs. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Dr. Richard Hasenauer, Department Chair

Maggie Danner, Department Secretary


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