Mathematics & Computer Science: Angle Trisectors


Angle Trisectors

On Wednesday, October 7 at 2 p.m. in the NET Auditorium, Northeastern State University had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Underwood Dudley to our campus. Dr. Dudley is a well-accomplished mathematical author/editor as well as an outstanding speaker.

Dr. Dudley presented a talk on "Angle Trisectors," which basically shows how stubborn mathematicians can be. Even though it has been known/proven for years that one can not trisect an angle perfectly with straightedge and compass alone, mathematicians persist in their efforts and Dr. Dudley has the self-proclaimed "largest trisection collection in the world" of numerous (false) attempts at this impossible task.

The lecture was very well-received and had approximately 250 people in attendance.

nsu mathematics seminar angle trisectors with Underwood Dudley