Knot Theory


UnKnot II Conference at Denison University

Two Mathematics students (Blane Burge and Andrea Molder) and one Biology student (Ida Etemad) traveled with Dr. Diamantopoulos to a Knot Theory Conference, entitled "UnKnot II" at Denison University in Granville, OH on July 14-18, 2012. This special four-day workshop was hosted by the nationally acclaimed speaker Dr. Colin Adams from Williams College and Lew Ludwig from Denison University. Students were exposed to many ideas and theorems presented by Dr. Adams in his energetic and thrilling presentation style, but also from Lew and some of the foremost experts in Knot Theory from around the nation. This was an incredibly exciting time for the students to be exposed to and learn a subject area they might never have experienced if not for the NSF funding that we were able to obtain.



nsu math professor diamantopoulos and students attending conference at denison university

nsu math students attending conference at denison university