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Graduate Degrees

M.S. Natural Sciences

The Master's of Science in the Natural Science program at Northeastern State University provides students with multidisciplinary training in the Natural Sciences beyond that of the baccalaureate degree. Students gain experience in the design, execution, and reporting of scientific research by completing a research project and Master's thesis. The curriculum consists of formal courses in one or more areas of concentration and incorporates the candidates background, goals, and objectives. The areas of concentration are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A central goal of the program is to prepare students for doctoral programs and/or employment in the natural sciences or advancement in their current profession. For more information, visit the M.S. in Natural Sciences program page.

M.Ed. Science Education

Online Master's Degree

The NSU M.Ed. in Science Education degree requirements have been developed to meet the needs of teachers who hold bachelor's degrees in secondary science education, a science discipline, mathematics, elementary education, early childhood education or special education and teachers who hold alternative certification. All courses are available in an online format to help support the needs of working professionals. The M.Ed. in Science Education is aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Master's Degree with Endeavor STEM Certificate





Graduate students in our M.Ed. Science Education Program can also earn an Endeavor STEM Certificate through Columbia Teachers College. All courses in the STEM Certificate Program apply towards the M.Ed. Science Education requirements. The Certificate program is a collaboration between U.S. Satellite Laboratory and Columbia Teachers College. The courses were developed through a NASA grant. For more information, visit Endeavor Cohort.


TEACH Grant Funds

TEACH Grant funds are available for qualified graduate students. For more information, visit Financial Aid Grant Information.

Program Information Links

For more information concerning the online M.Ed. in Science Education degree through NSU, visit M.Ed. in Science Education Program.

For more information on how to earn a STEM Certificate with Endeavor while at the same time earning course credits in the M.Ed. in Science Education degree through NSU, visit Endeavor Cohort.