Science Education M.Ed. Online Program


Science Education M.Ed. Online Program

Program Requirements

The purpose of the online M.Ed. in Science Education program is to enable K-12 teachers to become highly qualified teachers of science. The program requirements meet the needs of teachers who hold bachelor degrees in secondary science education, a science discipline, mathematics, elementary education, early childhood education or special education and teachers who hold alternative certification. The program consists of 15 hours of professional education core, 15 hours of science content core, and six hours of capstone.

All courses are available in an online format that meets the needs of teachers who are working full time. Courses include a variety of instructional activities including student presentations, including group projects, online video lectures, student analysis of online resources, discussion boards and opportunities for direct interaction with the Instructor via the Internet. The science content courses provide inquiry based instruction through hands-on inquiries at school sites, online simulations, and online data sources.

The Master of Education in Science Education is administered through the Gregg Wadley College of Science & Health Professions.


Apply for the TEACH Grant through the Office of Student Financial Service.

Information about the TEACH Grant can be found on the Federal Student Aid website.

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