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Department of Natural Sciences Seminars

he Department of Natural Sciences Hosts Three Seminar Series:

Annual Science and Technology Seminar Series- Tahlequah Campus

Yo Physics Seminar-Tahlequah Campus

Biology and Chemistry Seminar Series- Broken Arrow Campus

Annual Science and Technology Seminar Series- Tahlequah Campus

With six events scheduled for the Spring 2016 term, Northeastern State University’s Department of Natural Sciences announced its annual Science and Technology Seminar Series. The series is arranged by Dr. John de Banzie, Professor of Biology. Each seminar starts at 3:00 p.m. in the Tahlequah Science Building, SC 160.

January 27
Foodborne Pathogens in Retail Liver: A Threat and a Mystery
Mohamed Fakhr, Department of Biological Science,
University of Tulsa

February 10
Genomics and Bioinformatics of Bacterial Interactions with their Environment
Ravi Barabote, Department of Biological Sciences,
University of Arkansas

February 24
Protein Degradation in Human Disease
Chris Brower, Department of Biology, Texas Women's University

March 9
Incubation-Temperature Induced Phenotypes in Birds and its Implications for Avian Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation
Sarah DuRant, Department of Integrative Biology, Oklahoma State University

March 23
Mechanisms Underlying the Sexually Dimorphic Effects of Early Life Stress on Pain Perception in Adulthood
Dawn Prusator, Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience, University of Health Sciences Center

April 6
Echinacea: Herbal Medicine with a Wild History
Kelly Kindscher, Kansas Biological Survey, University of Kansas

For more information about the Science and Technology Seminar Series, contact Dr. John de Banzie.

Yo Physics Seminar- Tahlequah Campus

The seminar is sponsored by the NSU Society of Physics Students on the Tahlequah Campus
Time: 3:30 Reception, 4:00 Talk
Location: Tahlequah Science Building, SC LL 60
Audience: Anyone curious about physics is welcome.

Scheduled Seminars Fall 2015:

October 19
Derivation of Stochastic Biased and Correlated Random Walk Models in One and Two Dimensions

Dr. Bulut, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, NSU

October 26
Free Energy and Drug Discovery

Dr. Kim, Department of Natural Science, NSU

November 2


Algebra in physics: from linear operator in Quantum Mechanics to elementary particles as irreducible presentations of Lie group

Dr. Zhang, Department of Natural Science, NSU

November 9


 Electromagnet Music: The science of the musical Tesla Coil

 Mr. Tucker, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, NSU

For more information, please contact Dr. Rui Zhang.

Biology and Chemistry Seminar Series- Broken Arrow Campus

This seminar series focuses on Biology and Chemistry. Each seminar is in on the Broken Arrow Campus in the Administrative Services Auditorium Room 141 from 10:00 - 11:00 am. Four seminars will be presented in Spring 2016.

Scheduled Seminars Spring 2016

January 29 - Studies on mRNA Degradation As an Indicator of the Age of a Body Fluid Stain
Dr. Robert Allen

School of Forensic Sciences, Oklahoma State University- Center for Health Sciences
Host faculty: Dr. Kathi McDowell

February 26 - What Chromatin Remodelers Can Teach Us about Vascular Development and Integrity
Dr. Courtney Griffin

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Host faculty: Dr. Sapna Das-Bradoo

March 25 - Deciphering the Molecular Basis for ShcA Function in Diabetes: From Enzymology to Cell Biology
Dr. Franklin A. Hays
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Host faculty: Dr. Sapna Das-Bradoo

April 29 - Genome Integrity and Cancer
Dr. Sapna Das-Bradoo

Department of Natural Sciences, Northeastern State University
Host faculty: Dr. Sue Woods 

For more information, contact Dr. Sapna Das

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