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Parents/Guardians: To get your child started at Cappi Wadley Reading and Technology Center please call 918-444-3313 to set up an appointment to meet our staff and enroll your child.

2nd Semester First grade through 12th grade students are assessed in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension. Based on the results, a customized reading tutoring plan is developed for each child. Sessions are one hour and include a variety of instructional activities and literacy games.

Prior to beginning reading tutoring, each student will be given a set of formal or informal diagnostic
assessments focusing on phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, oral
reading, spelling, and/or reading comprehension. The purpose of the assessment is to accurately identify the student's strengths and weakness. The results of assessment will be used to determine each student's abilities in reading skills and to design instruction that will help students promote or
enhance their reading skills.

Customized instruction is offered in a separate room equipped with multi-media in the clinic. The instruction is carefully planned based on the results of initial assessment and individual needs. Parents and teachers are welcome to observe any part of the assessment or tutoring session. The reading tutoring is between 30 minutes to one hour long. Children may enroll as early as second semester, 1st year through 12th students who need the services. Based on assessment data, students will either be placed with a face-to-face reading tutor or placed on a computer-based reading tutoring program. Our face-to-face tutors are education majors who desire to gain experience working with remediating reading issues. Our computer-based programs include MobyMax, Mindplay, Read Live, Reading Eggs, Headsprout, and Nessie. Data indicates students who utilize computer-based programs show similar gains in reading ability as students with face-to-face tutors.

Services for Community Learners
The primary goal of the Center for Study of Literacy is to provide a site for adult education. Equipped with multi-level learning software, the Center is able to meet a wide range of study needs. We offer instructional reading, writing, math, science and social studies at no cost to the student and have an extensive collection of popular fiction, audio books and English/Spanish bilingual texts. No appointment is necessary, making it easy for learners to come in and work at their own pace. Learners may:

  • Gain basic literacy.
  • Improve basic literacy.
  • Improve writing skills.
  • Improve math and algebra skills.
  • Read along with books from our audio library.
  • GED and ACT study material.
  • Pass the pre-professional tests.
  • Learn for fun.
  • Foreign language enhancement through Duolingo.

Services for NSU Students
The Center for Study of Literacy has many resources available to NSU students. With access to a wide variety of learning programs in our computer lab, students are able to supplement their current coursework or review before enrolling in upper level classes through easy to use software. Our walk-in availability makes working around busy class schedules easy. Students may:

  • Improve reading speed.
  • Improve grammar and punctuation.
  • GRE and MAT test preparation. For best results, come in at least 60 days before testing date;
  • Foreign language enhancement through Duolingo.

Brochure: Cappi Wadley Reading and Technology Center brochure (PDF)