Immersive Learning - Cherokee and Indigenous Studies


Immersive Learning

The Cherokee and Indigenous Studies department provides a variety of immersive learning opportunities for students. Many student internships are available through the American Indian Studies degree program. Students have previously conducted internships at the following locations:

  • Murrell Home
  • Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center
  • The Three Rivers Museum
  • The Five Civilized Tribes Museum
  • Creek Nation Gift Shop
  • Philbrook Downtown Museum in the Brady Arts District

Students also have opportunities to engage in ethnographic field research with Dr. Kracht. Past research trips include:

  • Ethnographic field trips to southwest Oklahoma researching Kiowa culture
  • Ethnographic/archaeological field trips to Belize, Central America to research Maya culture
  • Ethnographic/archaeological field trip to New Mexico to visit Zuni and Acoma pueblos



Students regularly engage in immersive learning experiences through various courses. In the Cherokee Cultural Heritage class, students attended a workshop at the Cherokee Arts Center where they learned about Cherokee pottery and made a pinch pot.
Cherokee Pinch Pot making