Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

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Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies

Upper Division Requirements

I. Major or Major/Minor 24-56 hours
Specific requirements in each major field are enumerated in the sections for the various areas in which majors are offered. Fifty percent of the major requirement on a bachelor's degree program must be upper division courses (courses numbered 3000 or 4000), and 18 hours or half of the major, whichever is greater, must be taken at NSU.

II. One minor, or second major 18-36 hours
The minor consist of 18 semester hours. Minors must be chosen from an academic subject area other than the first major. Degrees which are considered a major/minor do not require additional hours in a minor. Students majoring in a field of business are required to complete the business core in lieu of a minor or a second major.

III. Electives to make a total of not less than 124 hours

Communication Studies Major B.A. - (Major Codes 4923 & 4925)

Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies Major

Core Required Courses
COMM 2213 - Public Speaking 3 hours
COMM 2313 - Interpersonal Communication 3 hours
COMM 2453 - Media Literacy 3 hours
COMM 3043 - Introduction to Communication Theory 3 hours
COMM 3403 - Persuasion 3 hours
COMM 3453 - Conflict Management 3 hours
Core Subtotal 18 hours

Corporate Communication Option
COMM 3223 - Business and Professional Communication 3 hours
COMM 3803 - Interviewing 3 hours
COMM 4223 - Leadership Communication 3 hours
COMM 4443 - Organizational Communication 3 hours
Electives Upper-division courses from COMM 6 hours
and/or MS 3133 - Basic Public Relations
Option Subtotal 18 hours

Comm in Relationships Option
COMM 3303 - Group Dynamics 3 hours
COMM 4313 - Family Communication 3 hours
COMM 4643 - Challenges in Interpersonal Communication 3 hours
COMM 2543 - Intercultural Communication 3 hours
Elective Upper-division courses from COMM 6 hours
Option Subtotal 18 hours

Communication Studies majors may also minor in Media Studies. However, courses taken as part of the major will not count toward the minor.

Policies of the College of Liberal Arts
English proficiency is a graduation requirement. Components I and II of English proficiency should be met with grades of C or better prior to the completion of 60 credit hours.
UPPER DIVISION Total hours must include at least 40 hours of credit in courses number 3000 CREDIT: and above.
LIBERAL ARTS & At least 80 semester credit hours are required in the Liberal Arts and SCIENCES: Sciences for BA/BAED degrees and 55 semester credit hours of Liberal Arts and Sciences for BS/BSED degrees and 40 semester credit hours of Liberal
Arts and Sciences for specialty degrees (BGS, BSW). . Liberal Arts and Science courses are designated by a # after the course title.

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